Color U.S. Trumped Book Cover

A satirical coloring book and story of the horrific 2016 U.S. presidential election



2021 Update: The Trump Era Is Finally Over!!

Our Color U.S. Trumped shop is now closed. We are excited to move on to America's next chapter. Woo-hoo!!!!

Thanks for all of your support. We'll be back with other projects soon!

Hello friends... I'm Vice President Mike Pence. Welcome to this heretical coloring book that I do not endorse. I do, however, endorse Donald Trump. Together we will make my personal religious beliefs the law for all Americans, respectfully returning America to the days when men were men, women stayed in the kitchen, and children were protected from the scourge of witches and non-believers.

It's a wonderful time to be an American. Now, my dear citizens, please do your part by taking this deceitful, heathen story of Donald Trump's rise to power to your church's next book-burning ceremony.


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