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Give President Trump a Chance? I Did, We Are Done

Over the past few months the refrain, “give Donald Trump a chance,” has been bandied about by a few friends and colleagues.

As the less powerful member of the president-citizen dynamic, I thought it was Trump’s job to reach out to me and let me know he would be my president too.

But regardless of my bristling at being told to “give him a chance”, nobody would have been happier than I to learn that Trump wasn’t in favor of class warfare (against the poor and middle class), gender warfare (against women), and race/ ethnic warfare (against minorities). His actions and words during the general election indicated this is where he stood but perhaps he was just playing his side against common decency.

So here we are, Trump’s first Monday in the Oval Office. Let’s see what he has been up to (and to be more than fair let’s skip past his self-aggrandizing authoritarian speech at the CIA on Saturday and his “alternative” facts about inauguration crowd size that he spun all weekend through Sean Spicer). Let’s just focus on policy:

Trump vs. Hard-Working Americans… Get Ready to Spend More on Your Home Loan

About 1 million households were going to be eligible for $500 annually of relief on mortgage insurance premiums through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan program that boosts the economy by helping lower-income and first-time home buyers purchase homes. The Obama Administration put this relief in place because the Fund which oversees the insurance had, “recovered from the financial crisis almost a decade ago.”

This had been intended as a way to get first-time and lower-income home buyers a little financial relief when purchasing a home. Trump undid this measure as his first official act. Trump officials did not respond to Reuter’s questions about the reasons for the policy reversal. So much for his man-of-the-people campaign promises.

Get the Details: Rueters, As Trump takes over, U.S. ends plan to cut mortgage premiums

Trump vs. Women Around the World… The Global Gag Rule is On

The news is just breaking (1/23/2017) that Trump will reimpose the Global Gag Order.

First imposed under former President Ronald Reagan, the rule prohibits groups getting U.S. aid abroad from providing abortions or counseling patients about abortions, even if their funds for those activities come from other sources.
– Reuters

While abortion is itself an important health care service, this rule will also mean many aid organizations will have less money to provide cancer screenings, flu shots, and other reproductive health services (birth control, pre-natal care, etc.) to women in developing nations.

Get the Details: Reuters, RPT-Women’s rights face a daunting new year worldwide, campaigners warn

Trump vs. Racial/ Ethnic Minorities… Voter Rights, On Hold

The Department of Justice (DOJ) was to be in court on Tuesday, January 24 trying to undo Texas voter suppression law SB14. Previous rulings on SB14 declared and upheld that:

…the record as a whole (including… the legislator’s knowledge that SB 14 would clearly impact minorities disproportionately and likely disenfranchise them) shows that SB 14 was racially motivated.

Trump’s DOJ is not so sure that this is a problem (disenfranchising minorities has been a key part of GOP strategy for decades) and they’ve asked for some more time on this issue to get their argument in order. So I guess we should just sit around and wait for Donald Trump and his nominee to head the DOJ, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, to fight for the voting rights of minorities. Does anyone want to place a bet on Donald Trump and Jefferson Beauregard fighting against voter suppression of minorities?

Get the Details: The RMS, Trump Justice Department moves to delay Texas voting rights case

Nasty Women Sticker Set

When Hillary Clinton was mopping the floor with Donald Trump on the issues in the 3rd Presidential Debate, Trump lost his cool — calling Clinton “such a nasty woman.” It was utterly horrifying. But rather than let Trump define a woman displaying competence as nasty, women took over the phrase and made it their own.

With these stickers, we wanted to embrace some of the most dedicated, talented, intelligent, and sophisticated individuals in American politics and jurisprudence. We have and will continue to look to them for inspiration in the days ahead. It was pretty easy to come up with our top 4 list: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Elizabeth Warren. You can stick them wherever you want to make a statement endorsing justice, liberty, a better future, and equal treatment under the law!

Color U.S. Trumped Nasty Women Sitcker Set by Nicole Aue

Footnote 3 Color U.S. Trumped: Financial Genius Donald Trump Declares $916 Million in Losses

Donald Trump has laid before the American people the idea that because he is successful at business he would be good at being the President of the United States. While Trump is unquestionably wealthy, how he has obtained much of that wealth remains murky because of his refusal to release his tax returns. During the 2016 campaign the New York Times obtained a couple of pages from a 1995 tax return wherein Trump declared $916 million in losses. Yikes, I guess we won’t be taking care of that deficit anytime soon.

There is also a lot of debate around Trump’s net worth. He has been adamant that he is worth billions but this is based upon his calculation of what his name is worth not actual bank account numbers and tax records. Trump lends his name to products and properties around the world for a fee and that’s how Trump makes a lot of his money — off of the idea that he is good at business. He has been very prickly with members of the press and others in business who have challenged claims about his net worth. Either way the guy is very, very rich.

Online Article: Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found.

PDF of Article

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