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Footnote 8 Color U.S. Trumped | $25 Million Settlement Paid by Trump for Phony University

Trump University was not an actual accredited university nor was the curriculum developed by Donald Trump. These were but a couple of the problems with Trump “University.” On the campaign trail Trump denied that there was anything fraudulent about the “school,” but more student testimony to the contrary continued to come to light.

Although on the campaign trail Donald Trump characterized those who settled lawsuits as weaklings, Trump did just that in November, 2016. Trump agreed to pay $25 million, some of which went to defrauded students and $1 million of which went to New York to pay for violations of state education laws.

Online Article: Donald Trump Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Trump University Settlement

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Footnote 7 Color U.S. Trumped | Trump University, He Did It For The Children

Trump University wasn’t a university at all but that didn’t stop Donald Trump from selling it as one. Recruiters for Trump U. targeted the elderly and the uneducated, getting them to sign up for a free course, which led to a $1,500 three-day seminar. The idea was that Trump would be revealing his real-estate secrets, although it turns out Trump didn’t develop the curriculum nor did he hand pick the teachers as advertised. From there, the extent of the fraud surrounding Trump “University” only gets worse.

Students of Trump U. filed a lawsuit. Trump eventually settled rather than face a prolonged trial for fraud.

How defrauding Americans wasn’t enough to sink the Trump campaign during the Republican primaries we’ll never know.

Online Article: Trump University — It’s Worse Than You Think

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Footnote 6 Color U.S. Trumped | Trump Steaks Are Proof You Can Brand Anything

Donald Trump’s most valuable asset is his name and for the right amount of money he’ll lend it to all kinds of products. From $50 steaks to vodka to water to wine, Donald Trump used the presidential campaign to increase visibility for his brands.

At press conferences Trump would routinely put his products on display in hopes that the press would put shots of his products on the nightly news for some free advertising. Americans looked at this a couple of different ways — some folks thought Trump was pretty good at getting free attention for his brands while others thought Trump was pretty shameless about plugging products and not really interested in running for president at all.

Whether you think Trump is smart about how he goes about promoting himself, it should be concerning to all Americans that Trump appears so obsessed with his net worth that he spends more time hawking his products and properties than talking substantively about issues that concern everyday Americans.

Online Article: Donald Trump Brands Everything from Steak to Bottled Water

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