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Color US Trumped on the Shelves at Artifacts in Hood River, Oregon

If you’ve ever been to Hood River then you’ve probably wandered into ArtiFacts (Good Books + Bad Art) and walked out with some treasures. With no email and no phone number the only way to get a copy of Color U.S. Trumped from ArtiFacts is to make your way to Hood River. Please get out there and support the local economy which had a rough 2017 due to a summer of fires that burned through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

202-A Cascade Avenue
Hood River, OR 97031

Beaverton Library Local Authors Event Features Color U.S. Trumped

Color U.S. Trumped, the adult coloring book and satirical, documented story of Donald Trump and the 2016 election, was on display at the 2017 Beaverton Library’s “Northwest Local” Author Fair. The event took place at the Beaverton Library on Saturday, May 20th and featured some great local works. Color U.S. Trumped co-author, Megan Ferrell, was at the Color U.S. Trumped table from 11am-2pm and she got to visit with local authors and the public as part of the event.

Color U.S. Trumped‘s table was juxtaposed with two local authors that had contrasting and intriguing works: Pferron Doss and Rebecca Hicks. Pferron Doss was on hand with his book Ole Freedom, a postbellum piece of fiction following an African American man who escapes a lynching and goes on to lead a full life including service in the Spanish-American War. In contrast to the serious work of Mr. Doss was Rebecca Hicks with her series of colorful and unique Little Vampires comics. Thanks to both authors for being outstanding table-neighbors throughout the event and thank you to Helen Butler and Mary Wise of the Beaverton Library for offering us a space at the event.

Additional Website Notations

Some of the Color U.S. Trumped documentation led us to articles that sourced transcripts, archived photographs, and even a piece of literature. We wanted to preserve this notation in a separate archive so here are the additional notations, notation links, and links to PDFs of each notation.

Page 6 The Trump Family Photos (Donald and Eric)
Donald and Eric go Trophy Hunting in Africa

PDF of Article

Page 6 The Trump Family Photos (Ivanka)
Ivanka Trump’s Childhood

PDF of Article

Page 10 Donald Trump’s Candidacy Transcript
Donald Trump Announces his Candidacy

PDF of Article

Page 18 Donald Trump Doesn’t Like Black Bankers
…Donald Trump Likes Jewish Bankers!

PDF of Article

Page 26 Tweedledum and Tweedledee Sound Like Trump Surrogates
…Christie and Guiliani

PDF of Article

Page 30 The 3rd Presidential Debate
Donald Trump Insists he’s not Putin’s Puppet

PDF of Article

Page 34 James Comey’s Full Letter
FBI Director James Comey sigh

PDF of Article

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