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Footnote 3 Color U.S. Trumped: Financial Genius Donald Trump Declares $916 Million in Losses

Donald Trump has laid before the American people the idea that because he is successful at business he would be good at being the President of the United States. While Trump is unquestionably wealthy, how he has obtained much of that wealth remains murky because of his refusal to release his tax returns. During the 2016 campaign the New York Times obtained a couple of pages from a 1995 tax return wherein Trump declared $916 million in losses. Yikes, I guess we won’t be taking care of that deficit anytime soon.

There is also a lot of debate around Trump’s net worth. He has been adamant that he is worth billions but this is based upon his calculation of what his name is worth not actual bank account numbers and tax records. Trump lends his name to products and properties around the world for a fee and that’s how Trump makes a lot of his money — off of the idea that he is good at business. He has been very prickly with members of the press and others in business who have challenged claims about his net worth. Either way the guy is very, very rich.

Online Article: Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found.

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