Donald Trump Swamp Thing Protest Statements

Activists, let us take this opportunity to share our unique statements of concern about President Donald Trump.

Our energies should be focused on Donald Trump, his cabinet, our elected representatives, and the harmful agenda they are attempting to perpetrate on the American people. The Trump administration seems hell-bent on denying the rights of the American people on issues like voting, abortion, the environment, the economy, education, etc.

The visual statement being made by millions in the streets is absolutely moving. Let’s also be making a unified visual movement online!

Join us in making an online visual statement by printing, coloring, and sharing the illustrated Donald Trump Swamp Thing coloring page.

Here are the simple steps to take action and protest a single issue:

Download and print the Donald Trump Swamp Thing illustration


Color and caption it with the protest statement that you would like to share. See some examples of Swamp Thing statements:


Make your Objections Known! Take a picture and post online.

Here are some simple ways:

  • Share on Twitter @colorustrumped #swampthing
  • AND / OR
  • Share it on your Facebook Wall and Ours
  • AND / OR
  • Mail it to your representative or directly to the White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Share by uploading here! We want to create a visual Swamp Thing map of the concerns of Americans in all 50 states.


It feels me with joy and wonder to contemplate the looks on the faces of Republican Senatorial staffer who opens one of these colored pages.

— Megan F., Portland, Oregon

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