Color U.S. Trumped Documentation

About the Documentation: The structure of Color U.S. Trumped is uniform throughout. For each page of the story of Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency, there is a corresponding page for coloring which visually matches the text. Our story about Donald Trump is satirical but it is entirely based on fact which we spent considerable time to document and footnote. Some details about Donald Trump’s rise are merely interesting while others are utterly disturbing. We wanted readers to have access to this database of online news articles in order to further their interest in any of the specific topics covered in Color U.S. Trumped.

Additional Website Notations

Some of the Color U.S. Trumped documentation led us to articles that sourced transcripts, archived photographs, and even a piece of literature. We wanted to preserve this notation in a separate archive so here are the additional notations, notation links, and links to PDFs of each notation.

Page 6 The Trump Family Photos (Donald and Eric)
Donald and Eric go Trophy Hunting in Africa

PDF of Article

Page 6 The Trump Family Photos (Ivanka)
Ivanka Trump’s Childhood

PDF of Article

Page 10 Donald Trump’s Candidacy Transcript
Donald Trump Announces his Candidacy

PDF of Article

Page 18 Donald Trump Doesn’t Like Black Bankers
…Donald Trump Likes Jewish Bankers!

PDF of Article

Page 26 Tweedledum and Tweedledee Sound Like Trump Surrogates
…Christie and Guiliani

PDF of Article

Page 30 The 3rd Presidential Debate
Donald Trump Insists he’s not Putin’s Puppet

PDF of Article

Page 34 James Comey’s Full Letter
FBI Director James Comey sigh

PDF of Article

Footnote 55 Color U.S. Trumped | Clinton Wins Popular Vote, Loses Electoral College

Online Article: Clinton won as many votes as Obama in 2012 — just not in the states where she needed them most

PDF of Article

Footnote 54 Color U.S. Trumped | 2016 Election Results

Online Article: Donald Trump stuns the world, elected USA’s 45th president

PDF of Article

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