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Coloring Book Flagged on Nextdoor: Hurtful

This morning we announced our Color U.S. Trumped coloring book on the neighborhood blog Next Door which reaches almost 5,500 neighbors where we live in SW Portland. The post wasn’t live long before we had some comments of support. Fast forward an hour or so and the post was flagged as “hurtful not helpful.”

Here is the post I placed for my neighbors:

Hi Neighbors,

My partner and I live with you in SW Portland — Pomona St. We have a project we want to share with our community…

We have created a Donald Trump themed coloring book called “Color U.S. Trumped”. It covers Trump’s rise from reality television star to president of the United States. The story is educational and satirical. The illustrations are for coloring and creative interaction. You can view the first 10 pages at our website (see below). We are trying to get backing for publishing through Kickstarter with an ultimate goal of offering the book to local political and social justice causes for fundraising. If you feel compelled, please share on social media. If you work for a progressive political group or social justice group and would be interested in having the coloring book at your event to sell with a healthy portion going to your cause, please get in touch with us.

You can download and color the Donald Trump “Swamp Thing” page for free from the website.

Thanks to everyone who has been fighting for the rights of others!

Sincerely, Megan & Nicole

Sigh, I intentionally announced the project without being aggressive in the post. The coloring book is satirical and based on footnoted references. The only offensive language in the coloring book comes from parroting the words of Trump and his supporters. If Donald Trump’s words and actions are too hurtful when satirized just think how scary they are to us when not satirized, but actually meant!

Update: Late this afternoon the post was restored and our neighbors continued to share and wish us support! Then it was taken down again, then it was restored again. Thank you to those in SW Portland who offered support!

Wishing America well tomorrow as Betsy DeVos comes up for a vote and District 9 hears arguments considering executive action and the travel ban and secret cancellation of visas.

Donald Trump Swamp Thing Protest Statements

Activists, let us take this opportunity to share our unique statements of concern about President Donald Trump.

Our energies should be focused on Donald Trump, his cabinet, our elected representatives, and the harmful agenda they are attempting to perpetrate on the American people. The Trump administration seems hell-bent on denying the rights of the American people on issues like voting, abortion, the environment, the economy, education, etc.

The visual statement being made by millions in the streets is absolutely moving. Let’s also be making a unified visual movement online!

Join us in making an online visual statement by printing, coloring, and sharing the illustrated Donald Trump Swamp Thing coloring page.

Here are the simple steps to take action and protest a single issue:

Download and print the Donald Trump Swamp Thing illustration


Color and caption it with the protest statement that you would like to share. See some examples of Swamp Thing statements:


Make your Objections Known! Take a picture and post online.

Here are some simple ways:

  • Share on Twitter @colorustrumped #swampthing
  • AND / OR
  • Share it on your Facebook Wall and Ours
  • AND / OR
  • Mail it to your representative or directly to the White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

Share by uploading here! We want to create a visual Swamp Thing map of the concerns of Americans in all 50 states.


It feels me with joy and wonder to contemplate the looks on the faces of Republican Senatorial staffer who opens one of these colored pages.

— Megan F., Portland, Oregon

Nasty Women Sticker Set

When Hillary Clinton was mopping the floor with Donald Trump on the issues in the 3rd Presidential Debate, Trump lost his cool — calling Clinton “such a nasty woman.” It was utterly horrifying. But rather than let Trump define a woman displaying competence as nasty, women took over the phrase and made it their own.

With these stickers, we wanted to embrace some of the most dedicated, talented, intelligent, and sophisticated individuals in American politics and jurisprudence. We have and will continue to look to them for inspiration in the days ahead. It was pretty easy to come up with our top 4 list: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Elizabeth Warren. You can stick them wherever you want to make a statement endorsing justice, liberty, a better future, and equal treatment under the law!

Color U.S. Trumped Nasty Women Sitcker Set by Nicole Aue

A Free, Fun Thing You Can Do

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