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Megan Ferrell, author of Color U.S. Trumped

Megan Ferrell, Author

Megan is a web developer in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys good political satire such as Full Frontal, the former Colbert Report and, of course, Fox News. Her likes include animals (most especially marmots), the outdoors (most especially the High Sierras), American history, and civility. Her dislikes include littering, cilantro, and mean people.

Nicole Aue, Illustrator

Nicole is a graphic designer and ux/web designer from Portland, Oregon. She is a life-long fan of comic books and the unique avenue of storytelling they provide. She enjoys playing outside, asking questions, learning new stuff, solving puzzles, and generally being a total hermit. You cannot connect with her on social media because she hates it (in a nice way).

Nicole Aue, Illustrator of Color U.S. Trumped and Nasty Women stickers